Knitter's Treat

Knitter's Treat LLC is a fan of Meg Swansen and Schoolhouse Press

Knitter's Treat LLC's "claim to fame" involves having the complete pattern selection of about 16 designers. Among them is Schoolhouse Press along with its founder, Elizabeth Zimmermann and her daughter, Meg Swansen. We in Wisconsin are proud to have them here. Knitters around the world know about Wisconsin because of them, even if they never heard of the Packers - right?

Besides all those patterns (a few of which we will bring tonight), Knitter's Treat stocks ChiaoGoo needles, Soxx Appeal yarn, Paint Box yarn, and Vivian Hoxbro kits. All this evolved out of my teaching knitting and needing supplies in this little town of 1100 that did not have a yarn shop, then needing supplies for the many teachers/designers that came to Monticello, WI for ten years to teach workshops.

Knitter's Treat has a second claim to fame - providing the textile exhibits (3 per year for 16 years) at The Dining Room at 209 Main. There is a textile button on their website ( where you can see the current exhibit as well as clicking on the titles of past exhibits to see the displays. Currently we have an ethnic sock collection. You may want to check out the Elizabeth Zimmermann exhibit as well as Meg Swansen's exhibit. Knitter's Treat thanks Meg for allowing us to display her treasures.

- Ruth Knight Sybers, owner

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10% off on most books and Vivan Foxbro kits

October 2012, Number 2

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