Speaker: Meg Swansen

Meg Swansen is a renowned knitting designer, author, owner of Schoolhouse Press, and the daughter of Elizabeth Zimmerman. Meg has written the following books and is editor of many other popular knitting books. She also writes a long-running regular column in Vogue Knitting called "Meg Swansen on...", that covers everything from the Turkish cast on (Fall 2005) to lace knitting (Spring/Summer 2006) to the recherché Scandinavian two-end knitting (Winter 2006/2007).
  • Knitting with Two Colors (with Amy Detjen, 2011)
  • Armenian Knitting (with Joyce Williams and Lizbeth Upitis, 2007)
  • Sweaters From Camp (with Amy Detjen and Joyce Williams, 2002)
  • Meg Swansen's Knitting (1999)
  • Handknitting with Meg Swansen (1995)

Knitting Camp originated as a University of Wisconsin course taught by Elizabeth and was held in Shell Lake, WI. After UW discontinued the course, Elizabeth decided they could keep the camp going and it moved to a hotel in Marshfield, WI. Continuing the tradition of Elizabeth, Meg holds knitting camps each summer during the month of July and a workshop in the spring and fall.

Schoolhouse Press offers knitters yarns you can't find elsewhere, books, DVDs, kits, jewelry, gadgets, and you can sign up for their newsletter, Wool Gathering at http://www.schoolhousepress.com/.

In anticipation of her presentation, we asked Meg a few questions:

What was your biggest knitting disaster?
ummmm, several things rushed into my mind - but, mercifully, I have forgotten the details. They each involved color patterns. Color is certainly not my strong suit; different colored skeins that look FABulous next to each other on the sofa, do funny things when adjacent in a knitted fabric.

When you were growing up, were you ever intimidated by your mom's knitting talent?
Not intimidated so much as exceedingly impressed. I could bring her a poorly turned corner and she could "fix" it without ripping back.

What's your fondest knitting memory?
I used to love to knit on road-trips while Chris drove. Or leaning back upon a rock (with plenty of boat cushions) next to a lake or stream. Most lately I love to be alone in my knitting chair, with the sun streaming in over my shoulder and a cat or two within view - and to that scene I will soon add a cozy fire.

Describe the most unusual place where you've knitted.
In a dentist's chair (it was just a cleaning). I had a deadline.

How would you describe your mom, yourself, and Schoolhouse Press to new knitters who might not know who your mom was, who you are, and what you do.
What a good question, but it is too huge a topic. I just made several feeble attempts to answer it - to no avail. We both had/have a passion for knitting, and my ma's business (originally called, Elizabeth Zimmermann, Ltd) sprang from that obsession.

Do you have a favorite pattern? If so, what is it?
I do love color-pattern knitting; especially finding the hidden "song" in each round, (not on sleeves or mittens; the rounds are to short!).

We look forward to having Meg with us on October 8th. Be sure to come early as Meg and Amy Detjen will be signing their new book, Knitting With Two Colors, at 6 p.m

October 2012, Number 2

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