'Tis The Season

Many years ago I watched the movie Miracle on 34th Street and the thought of working in a store at Christmas time to fulfill people's wishes was deeply planted within me. While I worked at another profession for years, each time Christmas and holidays rolled around my mind drifted back to the warm memories of holiday shopping and fulfilling wishes.

My next door neighbor gave me my serious knitting lessons. She taught me how to knit, purl and cast on using the backwared "e" mehtod one afternoon in her bedroom when we were kids. Knowing those three things I was off to the races. How perfect to take this long string of yarn (from the very beginning I was hooked on wool) and using the backward e cast on started to knit or purl or even both and make something one could wear. Amazing.

Another important part of the beginning of 'Tis The Season was that my father put me on an allowance when I was very young and each Saturday morning I was given my allowance of 5 cents. I could do with it what I wanted and so my lifelong habit of saving began in those early years. This becomes relevant because it is those nickels and dimes saved through the years that provided me with the assurance that somehow I could make my dream come true as long as I stayed fiscally frugal and grew gradually...

Thus, on December 10, 1988, I opened the door to 'Tis The Season and have been working here ever since. It is a combination of a year-round Christmas Store with a Yarn Corner. I have branched out to have items for other holidays and gifts, but it is always Christmas at 'Tis The Season for to me, Christmas is a season of the heart rather than a day on the calendar. For yarn, I buy a lot of wool and wool blends.

I do not have a big store, but I pack it pretty full of both yarn and holiday decor. Because I am smaller than most yarn stores, I do not have as many novelty yarns available because most of my customers ask me for good wools, alpaca, cotton and blends with wool.

My holiday lines are very full in November and December. My Christmas product is already in the store. I carry Horse Whisper, Him Shore's Heartwood Creek, sports ornaments, angels, Americans, claws and paws, snowmen, Santas, and one of my favorites are ornaments and even a nativity that is molded off of a knit model. I will bring some to show you when I vend.

As I am approaching my 25th year in business, I invite you to come to see me at 'Tis The Season during the holiday season and beyond. I have belonged to the Madison Knitters' Guild since the days we met at Union South. So, please walk through my red door at any time to browse, select a gift, purchase yarn or just to say hi.

- Muriel D. Coleman, owner

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Location: 7507 Hubbard Avenue, Middleton, WI 53562
Phone: (608) 836-3749
Upcoming Holiday Calendar:
Nov 16 & 17 - Bucks Weekend (one time $10 Bucks off a $50 purchase)
Nov 23 & 24 - Open House 10am-5pm (refreshments and drawing)
Dec 10 - Beginning of 25th year!
Dec 25 - Merry Christmas!
Dec 26-31 - After Christmas Sale

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